Rereading Gone With the Wind

Rereading Gone With the Wind so many times has made my copy a little worn down...

Nostalgia hit at American Thanksgiving when I saw the playing on TV. I couldn’t resist picking up my worn-down copy of the classic novel, , then repackaging the story after the holidays with the sequel, . It’s always interesting to reread a book, beloved or not. Everyone has likely heard at one time or another that perspective changes […]

Anansi Review Crew: Valmiki’s Daughter by Shani Mootoo

Valmiki's Daughter book cover

Yay! House of Anansi Press’s Anansi Review Crew has chosen to post my book review of :)(smiley face). Update: Anansi Review Crew reviews can no longer be found on the House of Anansi Press website, so here is my review of Valmiki’s Daughter below. Internal conflicts and social struggles are at the heart of Shani Mootoo’s latest novel. […]

Thought-Sharks Escape Author’s Think-Tank; Readers Conceptually Endangered — The Raw Shark Texts

The Raw Shark Texts book cover

The Raw Shark Texts By Steven Hall HarperCollins, Toronto, 2007 Steven Hall, whose artistry extends to theatre, music videos, conceptual art, and the written word, has broken beyond the boundary of imaginable possibility with his first novel. Fast-paced yet thought-provoking, is the ultimate reading experience for those who wish to be engaged in the novel by the quality […]