Discovering Canadian Wilderness Through Group of Seven Art

Thompson Rapids, Magnetawan River (Reproduction of the painting by Pierre AJ Sabourin).

I wrote this article for Pierre AJ Sabourin, and although it’s about art history more than anything else, it’s also a good travel and outdoor adventure piece. It truly is a great guide to discovering Canadian wilderness through Group of Seven art. Writing it inspired me to try some art-oriented hikes this summer, so keep an eye out […]

Ontario Closing Provincial Parks, Reducing Ranger Program

Scenic view of Wakami Lake from a lookout point on the Height of Land Trail.

Hitting home hard to a former Ontario Ranger (Esker Lakes Provincial Park, 1996) and current hiking enthusiast, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources recently announced that ten provincial parks will revert to non-operating status while it will also be transforming the overnight Ontario Ranger program to a day-based one. Formerly the Junior Ranger program, the overnight teen work/camp […]

Envisioning French River: Strategic Plan

Municipality of French River logo.

A while ago, I ran into someone who urged me to read and comment on the Municipality’s draft strategic plan. Then, not long afterwards, I read someone else’s thoughts on the subject in the paper, and needed no more prompting — though perhaps a bit more procrastination — to download the plan from the Municipality’s website. It’s a […]

Culture Days Land of the Voyageurs Studio Tour

I heart culture

le français suit Culture Days was created in 2010 to “raise the awareness, accessibility, participation and engagement of Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities.” The French River Cultural Industries Council Inc., which celebrates and promotes the arts and cultures of the Francophone, Métis, First Nations, and Anglophone populations of the French-River Nipissing corridor, joined […]


It’s a Bit of a Hike: Get Going with a Guide in French River

French River hiking guide

“I saw an otter today, splashing around near where we were working. It spent all day just swimming around and eating fish.” Did Marc know how jealous he made me when he said that coming home from work yesterday? The weather’s been gorgeous and he’s lucky to have gotten to spend the day outside. As for me, I […]

10 Advanced Uses of CouchSurfing

One of the advanced uses of CouchSurfing is catching a rideshare, like trucking through the Prairies pictured here.

I’ve posted about CS a few times before, and now I’ve gathered all my top CouchSurfing tips in one place. Basically, this is a guide to the advanced uses of CouchSurfing, and how to make the best out of being an indie traveller. Although not about any particular destination, 10 Advanced Uses of CouchSurfing: A Multi-Tool for the […]

Reverse Tourism in French River

Reverse tourism offers brand-new perspectives, like this angle I'd never seen before.

The same day I finished my sola La Cloche Silhouette Trek in Killarney, I randomly met two backpackers and hosted them in my parents’ home in Noëlville for four days. Our guests, Matte and Anne, travellers from Holland and Germany, enjoyed hiking and sightseeing in the area. I was happy to show them things they never would have […]

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