10 Advanced Uses of CouchSurfing

One of the advanced uses of CouchSurfing is catching a rideshare, like trucking through the Prairies pictured here.

I’ve posted about CS a few times before, and now I’ve gathered all my top CouchSurfing tips in one place. Basically, this is a guide to the advanced uses of CouchSurfing, and how to make the best out of being an indie traveller. Although not about any particular destination, 10 Advanced Uses of CouchSurfing: A Multi-Tool for the […]

Reverse Tourism in French River

Reverse tourism offers brand-new perspectives, like this angle I'd never seen before.

The same day I finished my sola La Cloche Silhouette Trek in Killarney, I randomly met two backpackers and hosted them in my parents’ home in Noëlville for four days. Our guests, Matte and Anne, travellers from Holland and Germany, enjoyed hiking and sightseeing in the area. I was happy to show them things they never would have […]

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