Improving Parabola: 8 Simple Theme Tweaks

Screenshot of the Parabola WordPress theme.

Parabola by Cryout Creations is a pretty great theme right out of the box. It’s flexible, user-friendly, responsive, and stylish. I gush all about Parabola’s awesomeness in my Overview and Comparison of Three Free WordPress Themes: Atahualpa, Graphene, and Parabola. So clearly, improving Parabola certainly isn’t a must, but there are a few things this WordPress theme could […]

Solving Not Found Issues with Atahualpa

A screenshot of the demo Atahualpa WordPress theme.

Of the three free WordPress themes I recently reviewed, Atahualpa is most certainly my favourite. But that’s not to say that Atahualpa is perfect. I’ve still had to overcome my fair bit of challenges while working with Atahualpa. I’m particularly proud of my php-free workaround for solving Not Found issues with Atahualpa, so here’s what I did in […]

Overview and Comparison of Three Free WordPress Themes: Atahualpa, Graphene and Parabola

Screenshot of a blank WordPress version 1.5 theme

Update: Since I amalgamated my four sites, I decided to build a custom theme based on the Underscores starter theme, so I no longer use any of the themes reviewed in this article. I will soon write an article detailing my experience with Underscores, so stay tuned! With all the time I spend on my sites, I feel […]

Under Construction: Featured Content Plugins (Part 3)

Laptop computer

When I first undertook the project of rebuilding my family of websites, I thought I could build them and be done with them, other than a little maintenance. I never imagined running into so many problems that I would actually prefer to put one of my sites under Coming Soon mode than let the public see, which happened […]


Under Construction: Most Useful Plugins (Part 2)

PC, monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

Over the past several months, I’ve found a lot of little ways to make my site-building life a little easier and to give me a little more peace of mind. Many little things could have been so complicated without the following plugins. They’re used only a little, but they perform big. For even more plugin tips, check out […]

Under Construction: Site Building Plugins (Part 1)

PC, monitor, mouse, and keyboard

I am by no means an expert website builder, that much is certainly clear, but I must say that I’ve learned quite a lot since I got in the the game two years ago. Boosted by having learned enough CSS to get things working the way I want most of the time, I’ve lately begun rebuilding my personal […]