Reading List — Book Recommendations

As a hardcore bookworm who’s made a life and living out of reading and writing, I’m bound to have an extensive reading list. I’ve been keeping it since my university days, when I realized that there was no way I would ever be able to remember even half the books I’ve read. I dug deep into my old files and pulled out course outlines, essays, book reports, and whatever else I could find to help me write up my reading list. And you’d think it would have been easy to sit in front of my bookshelves to finish it off, but alas, my zeal for books meant that I own hundreds (smiley face).

So fellow bookworms, welcome home. Check out this list of books I’ve read or want to read, where there are useful links for buying books, audio books, and e-books. I’ve either read or want to read every book below, and I’ve indicated my particular favourites and other biases, like knowing (or being) the author (lol!). My reading list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a pretty darned good start! I’ll add more recommendations as I read more books, learn of more books I want to read, or remember other books I’ve already read (winky face). Enjoy!


Reading List Legend

The books on my reading list are presented in alphabetical order by author surname. I’ve also indicated which ones I’ve read, loved, would like to read again, etc.

  • Those I’ve already read: Check.
  • Those I’ve read more than once: Plus. #
    The actual number of times I’ve read a book follows in superscript.
  • For those I haven’t (yet) finished reading, I may be reading it currently, have given up on it entirely, set it aside for later, lost access to it before I could finish it…
    Those I intend to continue reading: To resume.
    Those to which I won’t return: Partial.
  • Those which I particularly enjoyed: Heart.
  • Those I’ve just got to read again: Flag.
    But if it’s not flagged, that doesn’t necessarily mean I wouldn’t read it again; just that I don’t absolutely have to from the depths of my soul.
  • Those I can’t wait to read: Star.
  • Those for which I’ve seen the movie or play (whether on-screen or on-stage, including adaptations): Seen.
  • Those for which the author, editor, or other type of contributor is a friend, family member, or other business, professional, academic, or personal acquaintance: Known.