What’s Bugging Me Right Now: An Annual Message to Politicians — A List

Over the past few years, it’s become a bit of an annual tradition for me to get in touch with my elected representatives to let them know what’s bugging me right now, this year, this month, last night, and next year.

These protesters in Toronto are sending their own type of what's bugging me right now message to politicians!
A friendly email here, a peaceful protest there… (Image by Toronto Democracy [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

I send this to my MP and MPP, without any regard for whether the items on my list fall within their portfolios. I guess with an encompassing list like that, I figure there’s no point trying to divide it up between provincial and federal responsibilities. Plus, politicians need to know how their constituents feel about issues beyond those limiting boundaries, so I imagine I’m doing them a favour (winky face).

Most of the same types of things keep coming back every year, and although some stuff gets checked off the list of what’s bugging me right now, it’s usually not due to great progress.

So after another year of what seemed like dismal failures, I made my list for 2014 the other day. It’s pretty depressing, sickening, maddening. But it feels good to tell someone, “Listen up, I hate this!” knowing it’s their job to care and do something about it, or go down trying.

  • Secretive international trade deals — enough with the TPP, the FIPA, the CETA already! Canada doesn’t want them!
  • Fossil fuel subsidies, continued development of tar sands and associated pipeline projects — Keystone XL, Northern Gateway, Energy East are disasters waiting to happen
  • Ditto for coal removal, fracking, nuclear energy and mega-dams
  • Government support of the Canadian mining industry’s murderous travesties abroad and disregard for First Nations treaties and lands at home
  • Canada’s refusal to give up the seal hunt, even when the world is screaming at us to stand down — new projects like this one must be stopped!
  • Senate scandal — time to bring about some democratic change and start electing our senators! This house of sober second thought is a valuable and needed institution in Canada. Abolishing it is not an option, unless we trust MPs to “do it right” the first time around? Nope, didn’t think so.
  • Cuts to the CBC
  • The fact that Harper is still in majority government — voter reform needs to take place pronto! Instant run-off voting is the best way to obtain fair results that will be able to beat party politics, and it’s all about ridding parties of power and returning it to the hands of the electorate.
  • NSA spying — does this have anything to do with the several government security breaches (loss of personal information) early last year? Just a question, not trying to start any rumours or anything!

So what’s on your list? Do you send something similar to your elected representatives? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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