#DeclineYourVote an Ineffective Solution to Voter Apathy — Introduction

So you’ve heard you can #DeclineYourVote and you figure it sounds like a good idea? Think again. Someone will be elected, so you may as well have a say in who that is!

Voting is no joke when the stakes are this high.

It’s not a game to see how many people are willing to get their butts to a polling station, but that’s all it is if you don’t actually cast a ballot.

You see, politicians use election stats to analyse what drives voters, and they can’t do that if voters don’t actually express an opinion. Whether #DeclineYourVote means “all of the above” or “none of the above” is ultimately irrelevant if you don’t say, “This is what I want.”

Plus, now it’s come out [1] that the whole movement was started by a Conservative supporter. Speculation is rife that declining to vote could actually help the Conservatives in this election, given how close the race is in many ridings. Regardless of whether that’s true in all ridings, no one wants declined votes to be deciding factors in who wins the election.

However, the electoral system sucks so bad it’s hard to believe voting for anyone matters. But it does, because some of the parties’ platforms include electoral reform. Vote for electoral reform to ensure fair elections in the future.

Don’t #DeclineYourVote — Info on Electoral Reform