Rereading Gone With the Wind — A Retrospective

Nostalgia hit at American Thanksgiving when I saw the Gone With the Wind movie (Affiliate Disclosure) playing on TV. I couldn’t resist picking up my worn-down copy of the classic novel, Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell (Affiliate Disclosure), then repackaging the story after the holidays with the sequel, Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley (Affiliate Disclosure).

Rereading Gone With the Wind so many times has made my copy a little worn down...

It’s always interesting to reread a book, beloved or not. Everyone has likely heard at one time or another that perspective changes over time, that different details stand out, that the experience is entirely different with every fresh reread.

Having read one of my all-time favourites — and its feel-good sequel — around New Year’s, a time for introspection, was especially revealing. I suppose it’s helpful when looking to the future to consider the past.

Rereading Gone With the Wind was originally written for the Plugged In section of Simplified Living Magazine.