FPQ Complete Collection 1 and Memories of a Carnivore — Announcement

Following the release of the stand-alone e-book and the mini-collection Found Press Quarterly 2 last spring, Memories of a Carnivore: Adventures in Eating Ethically is now also available as part of FP Complete Collection 1: 2011, an amazing sixteen-story collection!

FPQ Complete Collection 1 (2011)

This e-book download includes short stories by Caroline Adderson, Meghan Rose Allen, Jack Bootle, Cynthia Flood, Andrew Forbes, Danny Goodman, Pauline Holdstock, Lee Kvern, Kirsty Logan, Dave Margoshes, Don McLellan, Maria Meindl, Grace O’Connell, Richard Rosenbaum, Lana Storey, and yours truly, Julie Dupuis.

With so much good stuff to read, Found Press Complete Collection 1 is a steal at only $12.99! Check it out and enjoy!

Included in FPQ Complete Collection 1

From FPQ 1

Found Press Quarterly 1:

  • Addresses by Cynthia Flood
  • Cross Yourself by Lana Storey
  • In Our House By the Sea by Kirsty Logan
  • Somehow There Was More Here by Danny Goodman

From FPQ 2

Found Press Quarterly 2: Spring 2011:

  • Angels Passing by Don McLellan
  • 11 Miles There, 12 Miles Back by Meghan Rose Allen
  • Memories of a Carnivore
  • Psalm 77 by Jack Bootle
  • From FPQ 3

    Found Press Quarterly 3:

    • Bright Lights on Broadway by Dave Margoshes
    • The Last Judgment by Maria Meindl
    • Obscure Objects by Caroline Adderson
    • The Oughts by Richard Rosenbaum

    From FPQ 4

    Found Press Quarterly 4:

    • The Expansiveness of My Sound by Andrew Forbes
    • Mike Mike Mike Mike by Grace O'Connell
    • This Is a Love Crime by Lee Kvern
    • What Endures by Pauline Holdstock