Bus Ride Near JeonJu: Confucius Says, Read Not Thy Book When Interesting Old Men Are By

If the old man from that bus ride near Jeonju had seen this crowd of hikers gathered around a vendor's cart on a mountain peak, he wouldn't have worried about me hiking alone.

I met an old man once on a bus ride near Jeonju; I was going hiking. The man was 80 years old and really wanted to talk to me. I don’t know if it was just to practice his English or because he was curious about me, but he wouldn’t let me read my book. That’s ok, it […]

Anansi Review Crew: Valmiki’s Daughter by Shani Mootoo

Valmiki's Daughter book cover

Yay! House of Anansi Press’s Anansi Review Crew has chosen to post my book review of :)(smiley face). Update: Anansi Review Crew reviews can no longer be found on the House of Anansi Press website, so here is my review of Valmiki’s Daughter below. Internal conflicts and social struggles are at the heart of Shani Mootoo’s latest novel. […]

Chow Chase

Bowl of trail mix

Light popcorn? Trail mix? I’m not even hungry, so no point wasting all that popcorn… Once in her room, she settles into her desk chair, unsuccessfully ignoring the crunch, smunch, grunch, crack the trail mix makes in her ear. She sighs in restless exasperation. Come on! What’s taking so long? She shakes her head, looks out the window. […]

Thought-Sharks Escape Author’s Think-Tank; Readers Conceptually Endangered — The Raw Shark Texts

The Raw Shark Texts book cover

The Raw Shark Texts By Steven Hall HarperCollins, Toronto, 2007 Steven Hall, whose artistry extends to theatre, music videos, conceptual art, and the written word, has broken beyond the boundary of imaginable possibility with his first novel. Fast-paced yet thought-provoking, is the ultimate reading experience for those who wish to be engaged in the novel by the quality […]


CN Tower Climb and Distillery District Fashion Designs

FAT's Toronto Alternative Fashion Week (portion of the program cover)

I joined about 10 or 15 colleagues in raising funds for United Way, and I made it up to the top of the CN Tower in 22 minutes! I couldn’t breathe much afterwards, but after a quick costume change, an interminable wait for the elevator — go figure we were only allowed to use the stairs in one […]

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