French River Area Outdoor Summer Events

French River area outdoor summer events include the Dokis First Nation Powwow, where this wood-carved eagle was seen.

With all the tempting French River area outdoor summer events going on all the time, it can be tough deciding what to do on a summer weekend, especially if you’re like me and want to do it all. How to choose between the plethora of activities and events happening in the area and our usual backcountry trip? Well, […]

Land of the Voyageurs Rubber Boots Festival

Rubber Boots Festival logo: A green cartoon rubber boot with its tongue hanging out, its eyebrows raised, and a red maple leaf-shaped tuft of hair.

As an organizer of the Land of the Voyageurs Rubber Boots Festival for two consecutive years, I certainly had my hands full! Of course I had a blast at both events, and I gained some valuable experience along the way. Here is an interview I did to help promote the Rubber Boots Festival this year: Rubber Boots Signify […]

Amy Miller’s The Carbon Rush: Fighting the Climate Crisis for Social Justice

The Carbon Rush DVD and book

The Carbon Rush, which screened last fall at Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival, is Sudbury-born Amy Miller’s latest social justice documentary. While its topic is environmental, the film’s theme is political. Motivated by a desire to exploit Canada’s role on the international carbon market, Miller found she first needed to explain what offset projects are and who they […]

Rereading Gone With the Wind

Rereading Gone With the Wind so many times has made my copy a little worn down...

Nostalgia hit at American Thanksgiving when I saw the playing on TV. I couldn’t resist picking up my worn-down copy of the classic novel, , then repackaging the story after the holidays with the sequel, . It’s always interesting to reread a book, beloved or not. Everyone has likely heard at one time or another that perspective changes […]


Discovering Canadian Wilderness Through Group of Seven Art

Thompson Rapids, Magnetawan River (Reproduction of the painting by Pierre AJ Sabourin).

I wrote this article for Pierre AJ Sabourin, and although it’s about art history more than anything else, it’s also a good travel and outdoor adventure piece. It truly is a great guide to discovering Canadian wilderness through Group of Seven art. Writing it inspired me to try some art-oriented hikes this summer, so keep an eye out […]

Culture Days Land of the Voyageurs Studio Tour

I heart culture

le français suit Culture Days was created in 2010 to “raise the awareness, accessibility, participation and engagement of Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities.” The French River Cultural Industries Council Inc., which celebrates and promotes the arts and cultures of the Francophone, Métis, First Nations, and Anglophone populations of the French-River Nipissing corridor, joined […]



by Marc Desrochers Captain Stu Macintosh was a special ops commando approached by the CIA to conduct a secret mission involving a mystery weapon. That was all the information given by Special Agent Charlie Sampson, a thirty-year veteran at the agency. Upon his arrival at Langley headquarters, Stu spotted the director inside the entrance. He entered the building. […]

Interview with Andrea Gregoire of Pique Passion Mosaics: Upcycling for Art, Earth, and Hearth

Mosaic by Andrea Gregoire of Pique Passion Mosaics

A self-taught artist, Andrea Gregoire operates Pique Passion Mosaics out of her studio in Monetville. She recently discussed working and living as an earth-friendly artist with Green Niackery. Educated in fashion design at Fanshawe College, she now applies the principles of upcycling she learned in her studies to her art. Represented by The Backstreet Gallery in Noëlville, Andrea […]

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