by Marc Desrochers Captain Stu Macintosh was a special ops commando approached by the CIA to conduct a secret mission involving a mystery weapon. That was all the information given by Special Agent Charlie Sampson, a thirty-year veteran at the agency. Upon his arrival at Langley headquarters, Stu spotted the director inside the entrance. He entered the building. […]

Orion’s Rigel

Depiction of Orion as warrior

by Daniel Poirier “Hey Jess, there’s your star.” I was pointing southwardly up the night sky. “Which one is it again, Al?” “Follow my finger, Jess.” I extended my arm next to his left cheek. “See the three small stars banded together? Well, Rigel — your star — is the bright one just below those.” “Oh yeah, I […]

A Short Moment of Peace

Sugar bush scene

by Annie Hébert It is early spring; my husband and I are at the bush camp, or what we French Canadians fondly refer to as la cabane à sucre, or “sugar shack.” Today is one of those glorious late March spring days where the mercury will likely climb to 9 or 10° degrees Celsius. The snow is melting […]

French River Story Mill: Flash Fiction Writing Workshop

Quill and inkwell

In Winter 2012, I am offering the French River Story Mill creative writing course via the French River Cultural Industries Council. By the end of this workshop, students will have produced a flash fiction short story. This introductory course culminates in the publication of the short stories both online and in the local newspaper, The Vision. Every Monday evening […]