FPQ2 and Memories of a Carnivore — Announcement

Besides being a stand-alone single, my new e-book, Memories of a Carnivore: Adventures in Eating Ethically, is also available as part of FPQ2: Spring 2011, a great four-piece collection!

With short stories by Don McLellan, Meghan Rose Allen, Jack Bootle, and yours truly, Julie Dupuis, this e-book download is a steal at only $5.99.

FPQ 2 — Spring 2011

Found Press Quarterly 2: Spring 2011 (Affiliate Disclosure) is the second of many similar short story collections available from Found Press Media. It includes:

Check it out and enjoy!

Update (smiley face). The stories from Found Press Quarty 2 have also been published in Found Press Complete Collection 1 (Affiliate Disclosure), a 16-story collection.

Learn more about FPQ Complete Collection 1!



Advertisement: Memories of a Carnivore: Adventures in Eating Ethically, by Julie Dupuis. Raw. Irreverant. Humorous. Fragmented. Download now for only $1.99.


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