Let’s Do Away With Maiden Names — We All Have Surnames, Right?

If married women have maiden names, what do single women have?

These days, it’s fairly common to come across married couples who don’t share the same family name. Modern society generally accepts a woman’s prerogative to choose her last name. Well, considering that anyone can change their name to anything they want at any time, that’s no surprise. But people often discuss this (potentially feminist) issue using the term […]

The #nomakeupselfie Trend Sucks

Woman taking a selfie, lying in bed wearing natural makeup, shows part of the reason why the #nomakeupselfie trend is flawed.

Something that’s been bothering me is that not only are women posting #nomakeupselfie pics without even mentioning breast cancer, let alone donating to the cause which was the true point of this campaign, but so many of the pics I’ve seen have been of themselves as children. Exactly where is the self-confidence when they can’t even post current […]

It’s About All People: Rants against Foreign Aid Miss the Point

We know it's about all people when we see, as here, young children affected by AIDS gathered, one boy in the centre carrying an ill child on his back.

I received one of those chain email forwards the other day that got me all riled up. The message had an interesting subject line: Who Died Before Collecting their Government Pension? With CPP a hot-button issue right now, I thought it would be something relevant to current affairs, or at least newsy. Turns out this message has been […]

Farming in the North: The Poultry Problem

Farming in the north is more challenging, so sign on to the We Want Northern Chicken campaign to ask for fairer marketing board rules!

In the French River area as in the rest of Northern Ontario, chicken farmers (and their egg and dairy counterparts) are faced with challenges unknown to Southern neighbours, but yet must play the same game. The rule makers are concerned with profits, not food security. And so, farming in the north is more difficult than many people may […]


Occupy Toronto Gets Under Way

For Sale: 99% Of Us!

Arriving at St James Park around 2 p.m. on Sunday, onlookers at Sunday’s Occupy Toronto General Assembly would have seen an ocean of spirit fingers, as a self-described Raging Granny asserted through the human microphone, “We are involved in a new way of thinking.” Scanning the park adjacent to St James Church, located at the intersection of King […]